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Rent your own master magician and let him entertain you like you never been entertained before

Peter involves the audience as friends

On stage with the CEO

Peter is performing in a restaurant for 5 nations.


If you’re looking for live entertainment that makes you WONDER and LAUGH this could be something for you.

Peter Jakobsen is a Danish entertainer who performs in English with a unique combination of Magic and Comedy. He entertains with sleight of hand and sleight of tongue.

Peter involves the audience, talking with them, treating them as friends, making and laugh and wonder....

This is modern Magic for those who hate to be deceived and Comedy for those who like to be entertained.

"Peter Jakobsen showed tremendous insight, creativity and professionalism in translating our needs for a customised magic show, designed to help illustrate some of the principles of coaching, into a hugely successful evening. Peters skill, humour and the interactive nature of the workshop was highly appreciated " Novo

"a tough act to follow." Hartmann A/S

"Thank you very much for what you did in Copenhagen to make my wife's birthday special. You are a master at your craft, and I was pleased and entertained, as was my entire family." Robert/The Dilenschneider Group

Peter's style is very flexible. He can perform under all circumstances. Usually you can find him performing in restaurants, bars, lobbies, and hotels as well as on stage or at conferences.

His Magic can be performed for as few as 2 or as many as 200 people.

He is a high profile performer. More than 500 larger companies such as Mercedes, Ernst & Young, Philips, Microsoft have already enjoyed the Magic & Comedy of Peter Jakobsen.




praktiske informationer

Showet er meget fleksibelt og kan tilpasses under stor set alle forhold.

Stand-up: 30-40 minutter
Show in English: 30-40 min
close-up tryllerier: efter aftale.

antal tilskuere
Stand-up and show in English på gulvplan op til 100 personer. Fra scene op til 150.

Stand-up show med storskærm for op til 300 personer

Close-up trylleri ved bordene regnes med 80 personer i timen. Til receptioner ingen betydning.


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Peter har optrådt for mere end 500 firmaer. Bl.a.
A.C Nielsen AIM
AH Værktøj
Aller Press
Aloc Bonnier
Andersen Consulting
APV Systems
Arla Food
ATP PensionService
bbi Metal og plastvarer
BDO ScanRevision
BEA Systems
Berg & Boldrup

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